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PRDP Geo-tagging Camera Android Application-UPDATED 15 September 2017

PRDP Geo-tagging Camera Android Application Enhanced Features

CLICK TO DOWNLOADOfficial PRDP Geo-tagging Camera Android Application to be used exclusively for LGUs and Contractors implementing MRDP or PRDP Sub-projects.


-For devices with 2MP and above camera click here or click the logo.

Click here to view user’s guide.

View video in YOUTUBE.

Updates as of 15 September 2017

-For Android Version 5 and below, you can still use the above version.

-For Android Version 6 and above, here’s the new version

Geotagged information retained after post-processing

New!!! With geoSMS

Click Here or scan the QRCode to download and install

Thanks to Joules for all these new features and updates


-more unique naming of shutter folder

Updated as of 21 Oct 2016

Added a stand-alone version for android mobile devices with 2MP camera.

Updated as of 24 March 2015


1. remove unused variable
2. remove unused class and codes
3. camera stay even in idle mode
4. added compass to the surface view !NEW!  💡 
5. added compass to the image captured !NEW!  💡 
6. added project name before image capturing to segregate the image by project name folder !NEW!  💡 
7. added new button to add new project during geocapturing !NEW!  💡 

8. you can NOW use this version as a default camera inside “MyTracks” !NEW!  💡 

9. autofill current geotagging activity. !NEW!  💡 

Updated as of 10 Dec 2014

-Individual shutter of program related activity

Strict Requirement

-7 inches Android OS Tablet running 4.1.2+ with 3 megapixel minimum camera resolution

Updated as of Nov 13, 2014

-fix the error on exit (Unfortunately, PRDP Geotagging Camera has Stop)

-fix the camera freezing after a few shot in Kitkat

-new button design in GPS initializing screen

-add transparency background on menu screen

-auto detect the active data storage for image storing function

Updated as of Nov 12, 2014

Bug fixed:
-size of the watermark text

-size of PRDP Logo

-detect the camera resolution and used the maximum or the highest resolution

-PRDP Camera won’t allow mobile gadgets with resolution is below 2048 x 1536 or lower than 3 megapixel. This is to maintain the clarity of the image and barcode will be positioned properly.

-Changed the watermark color and font.

-Added additional photo security which is can not be easily seen to any normal user.

-Added ARM EABI v7a API for armeabi-v7a, armeabi-7 CPU’s

-Added Intel x86 Atom API for Intel based CPU


Updated as of Nov 11, 2014

-Upgraded to Lollipop version (Android 5.0)

-Enhance Barcode to easily scan on PRDP android barcode scanner

-Change the watermark color

-Change the date and time format from figure to real date and time format   (11102014_121743 AM) to (Nov 10, 2014 12:17 AM)

-Auto detect the camera resolution and select the highest resolution available on the android camera

-Fast GPS fixing and lock the best position of the satellite

Not tested on Lollipop, Kikat and other version.

Tested to Jellybean but the API level was updated to the highest version or the latest version.

Please test if this apps if you have available Kitkat and Lollipop version.

Updated as of Oct 29, 2014

-Reattached the Project Logo (thanks IBUILD for the immediate feedback)

Updated as of Oct 16, 2014

-PRDP Logo from Program to Project

-Typo in image file name

Updated as of July 09, 2014

-created folder for geotagged photos is labeled based on GPS date

-geotagged photos labels based on GPS date and time.

-performance bugs on geotag device screen  and image resolution.

Updates as of June 27, 2014

– added the GPS Date and Time on the Camera initializing screen.

– added word “GPS Time” on the water mark captured image of My Tracks and Camera alone.

Updates as of June 08, 2014

-Enhanced image capturing and saving compare to previous updates.

-Support to rapid camera image capturing.

Updates as of June 02, 2014

-Optimized Codes and  installation package size.

-More compatibility on branded Android Tablets with geotagging feature.

-More intuitive visual aids for maintaining location precision.

-Improvement to camera Orientation

-Camera Image Capture Resolution

-No blank images if used with MyTracks

-Thanks to Joules for this Update