What is a MOA?

Date Published: October 24, 2016

A MOA or Memorandum of Agreement is a legal document that describes in general terms and details a cooperative relationship between two parties. Under the PRDP, the PLGU’s chief executive who wishes to establish partnership with the PRDP should sign a MOA with the DA Secretary.

Aside from the PLGU, the PRDP may also need to forge MOAs with concerned agencies, SUCs and private sector institutions that may have critical role in the implementation of subprojects.

Moreover, MLGUs and CLGUs that wish to act as procuring entity or provide the counterpart fund for the I-BUILD and/or I-REAP subprojects shall enter into a MOA with the concerned PLGU and the PG (in the case of I-REAP) defining their roles, functions and business arrangement in implementation.




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