What are the initial requirements for the implementation of Infrastructure Development subprojects?

Date Published: October 24, 2016

The LGU must submit the following documents/requirements together with a Letter of Intent and list of proposed subprojects, following the criteria as set forth in the Operations Manual:


  • PCIP
  • Color-coded national, provincial, municipal, barangay/farm to market road network plan for FMR, provincial irrigation development map for CIS, and/or provincial/municipal map indicating the location of the proposed water source(s) and limits of the service area all reflected in Google Earth including the geotagged proposed subprojects with production influence area and/or potential irrigable areas, etc;
  • Brief description of each proposed subproject;
  • Provincial Sangguniang Panlalawigan and municipal Sangguniang Bayan resolution expressing intent to participate in the project and commitment to finance the required equity contribution (indicating the amount) in cash and to provide a specified cost of maintenance and repair after completion of the SP;
  • Certification from the provincial/municipal treasurer on the availability of funds for the specified amount of equity contribution and routine maintenance;
  • Compliance checklist of LGU eligibility and selection criteria;
  • Parameters of Exemption for Provincial Development Council (PDC) Endorsement in case a critically important municipality/city will not be able to get a PDC Endorsement


*An LGU should commit to finance and undertake the FS, DED, right-of-way negotiations, construction supervision and contingency cost for unforeseen items of work or cost for variation orders form part of the LGU additional contribution which are not sharable.




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